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The BIGPICT team is developing the Chernobil production, that has been chosen to test the new algorithms for image mosaicking.

It consists in a close up shot of the whole chimneys where they appear parallel.

On the other hand (as identitary sign of BIGPICT productions) we must also be able to identify details that are imperceptible in photographs of usual resolutions (10-15 Mb).

For these kind of photographic products, it is essential to keep the projection center stable.
Furthemore, the Panoramic Robotized Tripod (PRT), has the capability of obtaining in short times the necessary images to achieve huge photos.

Aside of factors like the space or the light, there are others that must be decided: the focal lens, the camera attitude (initial and final positions), or the overlapping percents horizontal and vertical…

Once the field work is done, specialized algorithms for processing these data must be used.

The chromatic or geometric transformations with which the obtained data has to be processed lay on computer procedures of the maximum analytical accuracy. The light plane must be horizontalized, correcting several existent optical aberrations, defining intersection shores, cutting and mosaicking.

Only this way we can build up photographs of spectacular dimensions with the most accurate detail.


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