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BIGPICT is a project starting in Barcelona at the beginning of the year 2008.

Its main task is focussed in big size photographs production. It deals with achieving photographic images with as much resolution as desired, and as much extension as the digital support is able to manage.

Therefore, we intend make people know exceptional photographic products. Usual sizes go beyong one gigapixel, this is, 3 Gb. In other words, printed in a full resolution detail, they can occupy up to 15 squared meters. This means, photographs that can fill a 5 x 3 meters sized mural, with the same usual resolution we would have for any photograph in each of its details.

The applications for building panoramic images from a collection of photographs are called stitchers. This is, software for doing puzzles or mosaicking from digital images. So well, those in the market, only let the user do so with sthetical purposes.

Instead, for elaborating this kind of products, the BIGPICT team starts from more accurate tools, as geometrically as fotogrammetrically. These tools has been developed with a background of more than 10 years of experience in the world of cartography, and, in particular of ortophotogrammetry. Thus, the formal system that gives support to these products is embodied in the geocorrection of satellite image or in general, image acquired by means of aerotransported sensors.


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