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Google Earth 4.2+

Palazzo Ducale

In this projection we can observe an angle of 360º of the Palazzo Ducale, Venezia, in a small sized photograph (0.15 gigapixels). For the elaboration of this mosaic only 12 lateral photographs per 4 of high were used, with a 60% of overlapping. For the right visualisation we strongly recommend using Google Earth 4.2+.



Google Earth 4.2+

Oval room of the National Museum of Catalan Art

With this composition the spectacularity of the technique of geometrical correction applied to an interior space is illustrated. The image of more than 3 gigapixels has spatial consistency as can seen by the straigh lines of the left part, whereas the wall of the right part draws this sinusoidal curbe.



Dona Eivissenca (Ibizenca Woman)

The meticulous observation requires calm. In this vision of the sculpture of artist R. Pomel is possible to be observe, with the maximum detail, aspects that go from the own texture of gress until the artist development technique. The figure has a height of 40 cm. That is to say, in this projection it is possible to observe in a more meticulous way than in the real life.



Visió del Mont Saint-Michel (Vision of Mont Saint-Michel)

In front of an essentially flat object the optical distortions are diminished, so that the composition task is simplified. This allows us to worry about adjusting the focus center until sharpening the relief of the brush-strokes. In this work of the artist Joan Claret, we have a narrow chromatic margin. Sized 100 xs 100 cm, seem doubtless that the BIGPICT vision is more useful than the same reality to observe so much detall chromatic (of color shade), as geometric (of directions of outline of the brush).



Google Earth 4.2+


In this panorama, it deserves a special interest the transformation that have suffered the electrical cables due to the geometrical distorsion introduced in its elaboration. Pieces like this, with sthetical purposes, can be personalized for customers from the sector of the publicity to the one of the restoration.



Google Earth 4.2+

Indoor of a rural house

The geometrical model used for producing this image allows us to visualize the whole semiesphere. This is, 360º in the horizontal sense by yhe corresponding 180º in vertical one. The space where the picture has been taken is a small piece. In this way we can observe that there are no errors from the parallax between images, due to the projection center stability along the process of acquiring the panorama.




Cireres i Prunes (Cherries and Plums)

This oil on canvas was also performed by the artist R. Pomel. In it, has a particular interest the color mixure. Truly, it sizes 50 x 36 cm. So, the best way to analyze the color composition is the way you have here. Better than having the same picture in front of your eyes!




Cireres (Cherries)

This it is another example of a more reduced chromatic variety. The piece of 28 x 46 cm. also is by R. Pomel. It turns out to be interesting to realize that indeed, it can be discriminated very accurately between shades of a same color. The fact to have the white background is another challenge that as can be seen if it is observed in detail, in BIGPICT has been solved satisfactorily.

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